Friday, July 13, 2012

Readiness Review is behind us

Yesterday afternoon we passed our Readiness and Safety Review - the last hurdle before we begin packing up pODI for shipment to the mountain.  Mark, Daniel, Gary M, Charles, and Andrey assisted me in presenting the information and answering questions from the review panel.  The panel made about a dozen recommendations; almost all of them are suggestions for improving our procedures.  The panel was unanimously complimentary about the work that the team has done, and the detail in which all the steps have been thought through.  At the conclusion of the review, the relevant Directors, Pat for WIYN, Lori Allen representing Tim Beers for Kitt Peak, and David Sprayberry for downtown engineering services, all agreed that we are ready to go.

Mark is now doing a few last things to the Dewar, and we will begin packing next Tuesday.


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